Thailand Prenuptial Agreement Errors

As a wise lawyer once said – the big print givith and the small print taketh away. This is today relevent to prenuptial agreements in Thailand as the law society does not regulate expatriates in the legal field as they are viewed as consultants. Many people dont worry to much about having a prenuptial agreement as they have nothing fiancially to lose in any event. That being said however you would not be reading this website if you had nothing to lose.

The Thai law society does not regulate expatriates in Thailand who act as consultants in legal matters as foreigners are not allowed to practice law in Thailand. There laws the problem and that is the minor detail which could cost you your house, car, investments and your holiday home. When you are having to deal with an expatriate lawyer you need to find out if he or she is or was a lawyer. Many claim to be retired, but this is not always true. Always find out who you are dealing with first. You see if your prenuptial agreement is done incorrectly it is going to be null and void. It would be as if you never had a prenuptail agreement in the first place. 


Firstly your prenup has to be in accordance with the country in which you live when you take her back home. If you are from the US, each state has slightly different  rules and regulations with regards to prenuptial agreements. If your prenup does not comply, that is the end of your wealth. A very common problem that does occur in Thailand is where the agreement is not properly notarized and/or apostilled. Now only a qualified attorney would know that. Think forward 15 or 20 years when you have long forgotten about attorneys, fiancee visas and you are in a divorce court only then to discover the error.


Hence, speak to any of our US or our UK attorneys with regards to a properly and legally binding prenuptial agreement either in person or visa our tollfree US or UK telephone numbers. You can also speak to a consultant online who will provide you with the proper guidance. See our main website for further details. 


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