Problems with Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can create problems and this is why it is always advisable to use the services of a qualified expatriate attorney. Laws differ from country to country and even state to state in the US. Get it right the first time! The United States can be very difficult as many laws varey from state to state. What might be applicable in one state might not be applicable in another.

Hence your prenuputial agreement has to be drafted so that it will be binding in the state in which you live or for that matter the country where you live. This is important when you take your fiancee home. Normally clients take a prenuptial agreement with their K-1 Visa application or a UK Visa. This would be considered normal in Thailand. There are problems which can arise further down the line in the event of a divorce.


The most common problem is that as your fiancee did not understand the contents of the prenuptial agreement she signed it without understanding it. Normally it is best to have a prenup drafted and have her take it to a local Thai attorney that is not part of Siam Legal simply to explain to her what it is that she is signing. Then at least you will be able to disprove any claim of her not understanding the contents of the agreement. 


Another very common problem experienced by US citizens when NOT using our services at Siam Legal is that the prenuptial agreement did not conform to the  US Uniform Premarital Agreement Act . Hence again – it is very uimportant to ensure that a prenuptial agreement is valid, understood and drafted correctly in accordance with the laws of your home state. Speak to us online, visa out tollfree US or UK telephone numebrs on our main website and get proper legal advice which will not cost you and arm and a leg or your pension fund later in a divorce.


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