Is a prenup needed in Thailand?

Nothing lasts forever and that today includes marriage. Many might consider a prenup as casting doom on a marriage but it is rather the opposite in reality. Usually having to sign a prenup gives away the hand of the gold diggers, so it is your first line of defence. Prenuptial agreements are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about getting married. Yes, it is one of those necessary evils however it could very well save you money later in the event of a divorce.

In Thailand owning land and a house is a problematic issue and a prenup with a usufruct gives you much leverage during a divorce. If you are getting married to someone who has never had any real wealth, a divorce will certainly spell trouble to her way of life. This is why you should always consider a prenup when getting married in Thailand


The legal system in Thailand does roll very slow and being able to negotiate during a divorce not only cuts your legal costs, time to trial but more likely than not you would not even need to go to trial if there is a property or money dispute. The prenup gives you leverage where you might not have had anything else to negotiate with. During a divorce, custody of the children, rights to access all form part and parcel of a divorce. In such a circumstance having a prenup especially if you are going to return home might what just gets you your right to access to the children as it gives you a platform to negotiate from.


Speak to one of our online consultants or call us on your US or UK tollfree numbers to speak to any of our attorneys. Getting married should be as easy as 1-2-3. Hindsight is not a luxury you can afford to have when in a foreign country or having brought someone home who will use the legal aid system to strip you of all your wealth.


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