Getting Married in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand can be done by a lawyer in Thailand for you as the process normally drags on through 3 days of 'red tape' . If however you do not plan on living in Thailand and taking your Thai wife home then you should consider a prenuptial agreement before you get married and before you apply for the K3 Visa or even the K1 Visa in Thailand.


When you decide to get married in Thailand you need to have a letter from your embassy to state that you are single and able to get married. You need to fill in a form at your embassy in Bangkok which requires a copy of your passport and if you are divorced you need a copy of your divorce decree and a death certificate if your wife/husband had died. This is an overnight process and you can only collect your 'affirmation' the following day. Once you have this affirmation you need to take your affirmation down to the Department of Foreign Affairs so they can verify the letter and place a stamp on the letter of affirmation to show that it is valid and has been issued by your embassy. This normally takes 4-5 hours to get done. Once you have this verified affirmation you can now go to the local 'Amphurs Office' or district office to register your marriage. 


If you are looking at a prenuptial agreement be certain to take this with you in both Thai and English so that they may file it with your marriage registration. Again, speak to a lawyer in Bangkok or in Thailand for more information and assistance. Siam Legal with offices in all the major cities in Thailand will complete it for you without the need to go/come to Bangkok as all of this needs to be done in Bangkok. Spend your time in Thailand and leave the running around to a lawyer.


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